International Conference On Agriculture & food technology

March 18-20, 2018, New Delhi, India

Theme :Current Trends and Future Perspectives in the Food Sector

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►  We are pleased to invite you to attend the International Conference On Agriculture & food technology that will take place in New Delhi, India on March 18-20, 2018.

►  The theme of the Conference "Current Trends and Future Perspectives in the Food Sector" puts emphasis on the modern scientific and technological achievements and attempts to approach, in a creative way, future of industrial applications.

►  Thus, the International Congress on Food Technology is aiming to focus on exploring new ways of thinking, effective resolution of technological problems in the food sector and intensifying possible solutions through interdisciplinary scientific collaboration for dissemination of knowledge, expertise and technological knowhow.

►  The Organizing Committee has made every effort to create an informative and enjoyable programme that will include scientific sessions with oral and poster presentations, as well as entertaining social events.

►  The scientific programme will include a broad spectrum of subject areas on food safety, innovation, development and industrial implementations. Participants will have the chance to visit New delhi ,while at the social events will have the chance to taste local delicacies under the entertaining sounds of Indian music.

►  We look forward to seeing you in New Delhi on 18 March 2018. In this scenario, scientific community has an essential role in informing available modern ideas and synchronized strategic investments to establish sustainable agricultural production systems with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and to make the best possible use of existing resources with most suitable land management practices.

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Tracks and sessions

Food & Agriculture Development & technology:

  • Food, Agriculture and Environment
  • Soil, Water and Climate
  • Agro friendly Insects and Beneficial Microbes
  • Crop Productivity and Food Security
  • Physiology and Pathology of Agricultural Crops
  • Genetics and Breeding of Commercial Crops
  • Molecular Approaches for Production and Protection of Food Crops
  • Plant Transgenics and Agricultural Genomics
  • Food Science and Food Technology
  • Postharvest Technology and Food Preservation
  • Agro waste Management and Resource Reutilization
  • Intensification and Development of Indigenous Agriculture
  • Precision, Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Agriculture-Food-Health Nexus
  • Issues, Policies and Challenges in Agricultural Development


  • Organic agriculture
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Livestock, dairy farming and small ruminants
  • Veterinary and feeding system
  • Poultry farming
  • Aquaculture and fisheries
  • Field crops
  • Floriculture
  • Fruits and citrus
  • Greenhouses and horticulture
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Fertilisers and chemicals
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Plants, seeds and propagation materials
  • Plant protection and fertilization
  • Post harvest treatment


  • Technology and raw materials for food production
  • Biotechnology and nutraceutical technologies
  • Nanotechnologies in food and agriculture
  • Green technologies in food production
  • Food processing machines
  • Food preparation
  • Food packaging
  • Food safety and food security
  • Quality control of raw materials
  • Food inspection systems
  • International certifications
  • Nutrition and dietary problems

Agricultural and food Method:

  • Precise agriculture
  • Intensive growing methods
  • Renewable energy in agriculture
  • Information and communication technology
  • Import and export of food and agricultural products
  • Interaction between agricultural production and retailing
  • Logistics of agricultural production
  • Rural development
  • Employment in agriculture
  • Agro industry start-ups
  • Turnkey, joint projects and know-how
  • Financing credits and agricultural subsidies
  • EU legislation on agriculture
  • The partnership between Europe and farmers
  • EU grants, tenders
  • International training and cooperation