Our Asfew Conference String

Worldwide amassing of Academicians, Researchers, Scholars & Industry to disseminate and reciprocate information at scientific panel

Our Mission

► Shaping the Scientific World Future.

► Shaping future with outstanding minds from across the scientific world.

► We strive for Progress not for Perfection.

► Success is the sum of all the efforts, repeated day in and day out

Our Vision

► Within the next five years Conference Strings will become the paramount company in Scientific World of Conferences and Event Management as we are proviso to deliver high impact events to our client's with complete strategic and logistical solutions in consulting and organizing international conferences congresses, meetings and exhibitions in line with reconciliation.

Our Ethos

► Science brings society to the next level, ethos keeps us there, so we believe nothing has more meaning or impact than a face-to- face, live human encounter.

Our Services

► We delivers flawlessly executed conferences and events as you would expect of a top level professional conference organizer.

► But we also do something rarefied: we bring you an exceptional team of people who make the experience a pleasure.

About Us

Who we are

► Asfew Conference string (CS), established to devote itself for spurring of scientific knowledge and building a global nexus to deliver well-executed conferences, workshops and symposium. CS also accentuates to bring the well-versed professionals from both academia and industry on the same platform.

► With the head office located at New Delhi, India; Asfew Conference String has it's regional branches at USA, UK, Australia, China, Russia and Bishkek.

What we do

► Asfew Conference string focuses and provides forum to promote interactive access to share knowledge on a global platform. Asfew Conference String is an expert-directed organization which collaborate scholars, researchers, professors, students, entrepreneurs, investors to share their innovative ideas, emerging trends and exciting technologies at single forum empowering attendees with global knowledge.

►  "Research is creating new knowledge" - Neil Armstrong

► Asfew Conference String creates colloquiums that procure on creating a splash with new innovations and recent researches. With an eye for details, we manage to have reconciliation with the attendees. We comprehensively implement strategic planning to disseminate and evaluate information, emerging technology and global approaches that can benefit both academia and industry.


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